20 Strategies To Boost Pharmacy Sales


Profit margins for prescriptions continue to shrink every day, which means that you need to make your money some way or another. But how? Upping the game with non-prescription pharmacy sales is more crucial than ever.

You can achieve this in multiple ways, from improving your customer service to expanding your digital presence. There are several small moves you can make as a pharmacy owner that will add up to more profit.

Here are twenty creative solutions that go beyond discounts on certain products to boost your front-end sales.

  1. Create Street Appeal

What does that mean? Creating street appeal is basically what your customers see from the street- your storefront. Attractive exteriors make people excited to come inside and see the interior. You can create window displays that are fresh to your audience or even a chalkboard with a direct message that gives your audience some incentive to come in.

  1. Holiday Specials

Everyone will be going crazy during Black Friday and Christmas time to get those holiday specials. But who says that you need to wait to jump on that train to make a good sale?

Run holiday specials on lesser-known holidays like Mother’s Day, during the first week of spring for allergies, or even flu season.

  1. Creating Eye-Catching Displays

Creating a display that will catch your attention is simple. You want to create displays about products that your customers did not know you stocked in your store with clever signage that captures their attention and brings them into the store.

For example- an array of dog products, health supplements, seasonal products like allergy medicine.

Keep things fresh and change the display monthly.

  1. Creating A Bundle

Getting creative with bundled items you display to the public can create a lot of buzz from customers to come in and see things that they did not even know they needed.

For example, when you put toothpaste next to an array of toothbrushes- it is like a light bulb going off in their brain that reminds them not to forget their toothbrush as well. So, your customer ends up buying it even though they initially were not going into your store to get that product.

Trying using some of these bundles:

  • Calcium supplements & Vitamin D
  • Day medicine & Night medicine
  • Disinfectant wipes & hand sanitizer
  • Menstrual pain relief & feminine hygiene products.
  1. Offer Free Health Assessments.

Offering preventive care services in your independent pharmacy can allow you to create better relationships with your customers. For example, offering vaccines and immunizations in your pharmacy will make your store a one-stop shop for your patient’s health care needs.

This past year alone, with the COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccines coming out. Independent pharmacies are booming due to customers want to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

  1. Atmosphere

Once the customer sees your display on your window, then it is time that they enter your store. You want to make sure that your pharmacy is clean and well organized. Think about music that your customer would appreciate listening to while they shop.

Make sure that the music is at a low volume that the customer can hear it, but not so loud that they cannot hear you speak to them.

You might even want to think about the smell of your store. For example, scents like lavender or mint will allow your customers to feel relaxed.

  1. Reward Programs

Implementing a rewards program in your pharmacy is a great way to get people to come into your store more often and to buy more products while they are in there. Create a positive incentive for your customer with great benefits. It will show them that every dollar they spend goes to something they can use in the store. Make it easy for your customers to have access to their points. They could receive their points on a store card or their receipt when they purchase something.

  1. Refer a Friend

Generate additional benefits/incentives for your customer with the rewards program we spoke about earlier in this article. When your patients refer someone to your independent pharmacy, they can receive a certain number of points. Creating this incentive- will thus create more business for your store, as well as, creating a community to your store.

  1. Types of Patients

Knowing the patients that walk into your store and their needs are important things to know when running your independent pharmacy. Every patient is different, every patient has different needs, and every patient has different shopping behaviors.

However, they all want the same thing- they want to be helped in some way. Accomplish this by having your products in stock and having your customer service in the best shape. Lean on your pharmacy wholesaler when it comes to having the right products on time. By doing this, your inventory will always be stocked to satisfy your patients’ needs, whatever they may be.

  1. Upsell on Products

Before you can upsell any item, you need to make sure that your staff is knowledgeable and well-versed in all of your products. Being knowledgeable allows you to establish trust with your customers.

Upsell by relaying more products or purchases to them. You want to make sure that you highlight the customer’s needs and make them feel that your pharmacy cares about them.

  1. Impulse Buying

Tempt your patients into purchasing additional items that are not on their shopping list. For example, have low-priced items near the register, so the customer can see them while standing in line. Or have small toys and candies on the bottom shelves so children can be able to see those items and eventually sell them for you.

  1. Discounts

According to a 2021 customer survey by Raydiant, 30.7% of customers are more likely to spend more money when a retailer offers a percentage off their total price. 17% of customers will spend more money when a retailer offers certain deals on specific products. This data shows a way to generate your pharmacy sales in a faster way with discounts along with using timestamps of when the offer is over to create a sense of urgency and sending out coupons in the mail or email.

  1. Best Sellers

Having non-prescription products that are considered best-selling items is extremely important to know if you are running your independent pharmacy because you want to make sure that you have those products in stock. For example, medical supplies during the beginning of COVID-19, medical supplies were flying off the shelves.

  1. Use All the Feature in Your POS

Your Point of Sale (POS) system is an important item to have in your independent pharmacy. Most of them are very user-friendly, and most of them have so many features that may come as a surprise. For example, some POS systems- have an inventory management feature that can make sure that your products are never out of stock.

  1. Planograms

A planogram is a visual merchandising tool that helps you with the layout of your product placement to maximize your pharmacy’s sales. You want to make sure that the layout of your products is based on the average height of your customer.

For example, if a customer walks into one of the aisles in your store. You want to make sure that all of your best-selling items are on the same shelf that is parallel to your customers’ eye level.  The reason being is because when they see the product that they want, they can grab it and put it in their shopping bag.

  1. Keeping an Eye on The Trends

Looking out for trends outside of the pharmacy world can be difficult for someone running an independent pharmacy. But it is essential to know about what is trending right now with pop culture. For example, the best new thing to come out that people/kids are using.

For example, slime- all the kids now love to play with slime. Or having face coverings with characters on it will spark some joy for the children to grab and sell them for you.

  1. Advertising

Having an advertising plan to gain awareness of your store is one of the most important things a business owner needs to have when trying to increase their reach in the community. One of the most important things to know is the demographic of your customer.

Then you can implement a digital strategy to advertise your company. For example, customers in their 30s-50s will focus more time on social networks like Facebook. A younger generation will focus their time on Instagram or TikTok. Either way, it is one of the most profitable ways to generate leads with just a click of a button.

  1. Creating a Social Presence

Creating a social media presence for your independent pharmacy is an important and inexpensive way to advertise. Create a customer base on Facebook by creating a group, which can help you create a community within the social network. You can put out the information you want to reach your community organically.

  1. Host an Event

Hosting your event by partnering with local vendors and community leaders will be very beneficial for your pharmacy to increase your reach within the community. For example, an event that will offer free health screenings depending on the month.

20. Create A Website

As we all know, people want to do their shopping online, and this pandemic- made everything worse. Creating a website where you can have your customers purchase your products online is an alternative to expanding your reach as an independent pharmacy. We suggest using WordPress to create your website because it user-friendly, and it has a multitude of templates to create any type of website.

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