5 Tips to Reduce Stress While Working in a Pharmacy

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While you are working at your independent pharmacy- do you ever feel stressed out? Well, you are not alone.

According to Drug Topics’ 2020 Salary Survey, they found that 73% of pharmacists indicated an increase in stress levels compared with 61% in 2019. These pharmacists cited higher work volume (79%) and COVID-19 (67%) as the highest stressors.

As you may or may not know, April is Stress Awareness Month, and in this article, we recommend five tips to reduce your stress while working in a pharmacy.

1 Deep Breathing 

For instant stress relief, try deep breathing throughout your day. Try following the 4-4-6 model. Breathe in for four seconds, hold it in for four seconds, and breathe out for six seconds.

2 Prioritize 

Creating a list of things that you need to accomplish throughout your day can sometimes be very overwhelming. You may even be thinking, “How can I do this all in one day?” Combat those thoughts by prioritizing on your list what needs to get done first with deadlines- and do it.

3 Stay Clean & Organized 

Always make sure that your pharmacy is clean and very well organized, so you know where everything is at all times. I say this because when you are stressed out; and you are trying to find something important- digging through piles of messy records or searching for a misplaced note can make things worse.

4 Do not Procrastinate on Problems

If a problem comes up in your pharmacy- whether it is an incorrect order or dealing with an angry customer- address the issue immediately. The longer you sit on a problem, the more stress it can cause. Come up with a solution or an action plan to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

5 Leave Work-Related Stress at Work 

Do not let stress at work affect your home life. Take time away from your pharmacy to decompress. Try picking up a hobby like mediating, a sport, or a volunteer activity. Finding a hobby will de-stress you from work, but it will also allow you to feel more able to tackle problems in your pharmacy if you do not think about them all the time.

All in all-stress might be an inevitable feeling, but it does not have to be unbearable. The next time you feel stressed, stay calm, think of these tips, and watch your stress fade away.


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