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NAS (National Apothecary Solutions) is a national pharmaceutical distributor that has been established since 1998. We provide generic medicine and medical supplies for any business that needs these products for their daily work with high quality, competitive prices and a dedicated customer service in order to provide a positive experience in each care. We have NABP accreditation and direct access to the most important manufacturers in the country.

We provide and build great relationships with our ongoing clients. These clients range from independent retail pharmacies to long-term care facilities throughout the country.


Jigar P
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"It is always a pleasure to order with this pharmaceutical distributor- NAS always makes it easy to order their products with the help of their excellent sales team, and their products are always the best."
Mohammed A.
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"Your customer service team has always been top notch, especially Shiann! She is my sales rep for NAS and she has demonstrated outstanding customer service by going above and beyond for me and my team, even when it comes to last minute orders. Thank you Shiann and thank you NAS for the amazing service, I look forward to always keeping my business here."
Linda D.
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"My meds have always arrived on time, and there has never been an issue with our shipments. Overall a wonderful pharmaceutical distributor, and I am so grateful to be working with you guys at NAS.""