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NAS (National Apothecary Solutions) is a national pharmaceutical distributor established in 1998. Our goal is to safely and effectively distribute a full line of pharmaceuticals and provide exceptional customer service to our clients. 

National Apothecary Solutions is an Independently Owned National Full Line Generics Wholesaler with NABP‑Accredited facilities located across the country. We purchase products directly from 85+ manufacturers, and we are licensed across the continental United States. National Apothecary Solutions serves independent pharmacies, including retail, specialty, long-term care, hospitals, and governmental entities. 

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Over the counter medication is a common medicine that many patients need, but this pharmaceutical distributor always has the best prices. 

Medical supplies have been in high demand lately, and this pharmaceutical distributor has them here at NAS ready to ship to you. 

With the help of their 85 + accredited manufacturers, this pharmaceutical distributor has  an array of different types of generic medication always in stock.   


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How activity-based costing can boost hospital finances

The COVID-19 pandemic has strained hospital revenue because of reduced patient volumes and expenses related to the virus. To improve their financial picture, organizations must make cost-reduction decisions based on credible patient-level cost and quality data using the most accurate cost management method.



3 common drugs being tested to treat early-stage COVID-19

The only outpatient COVID-19 treatments being used outside of clinical trials are monoclonal antibodies. These antibodies are laboratory-produced copies of the body’s immune response to the disease. Monoclonal antibodies require patients sick with COVID-19 to stay at an infusion center for hours, so they remain in limited supply.



"It is always a pleasure to order with this pharmaceutical distributor- NAS always makes it easy to order their products with the help of their excellent sales team, and their products are always the best."
Jigar P.
"Your customer service team has always been top notch, especially Shiann! She is my sales rep for NAS and she has demonstrated outstanding customer service by going above and beyond for me and my team, even when it comes to last minute orders. Thank you Shiann and thank you NAS for the amazing service, I look forward to always keeping my business here."
Mohammed A.
"My meds have always arrived on time, and there has never been an issue with our shipments. Overall a wonderful pharmaceutical distributor, and I am so grateful to be working with you guys at NAS."
Linda D.


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