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NAS offers a broad range of customized packaging solutions to meet your facility’s needs. This can lead to better patient outcomes, fewer medication errors, and aid in overall cost savings and efficiencies. Packaging options include bingo cards, unit of use bottles, liquid cups, oral syringes, and more.


NAS (National Apothecary Solutions) is a national pharmacy supplier that purchases its products from 85+ licensed manufacturers that have access to thousands of SKUs, products, and medical supplies. This pharmacy supplier is an NABP-accredited wholesaler who offers generic, brand, and specialty pharmaceuticals. NAS offers a multitude of shipping options that ship to all 50 states and Puerto Rico in the shortest time possible to ensure that there is no shortage of stock.


Generic, brand and specialty pharmaceuticals

Diagnostic kits, medical and surgical supplies

OTC products, vitamins and nutritional supplements

Injectables, vaccines, and biologicals

Rx and OTC Pet medications

medical supplies

Wide-range of products​​

NAS is a pharmacy supplier that emphasizes the importance of accessibility to our full product line, available 24/7, for when they need them. We are constantly stocking up on thousands of high-quality products, which include: tablets, capsules, liquids, topicals, and new drugs. We have our diligent sales team and account managers monitoring our inventory daily to your needs because your business is our priority.


Deliveries You Can Count On

This pharmacy supplier constantly maintains inventory for all medications and supplies, keeping them in stock and ready to ship to you. After you place an order using our convenient online portal, you can get your products as soon as the next day. This pharmacy supplier has five distribution centers that are strategically located throughout the country, that ships out to pharmacies throughout all 50 states and Puerto Rico as soon as possible. Never leaving patients waiting for their products.

Price and Promotions

Pricing and Promotions

NAS works closely with its customers to provide the best market competitive pricing. Our pharmacy supplier team constantly assesses market data to quickly react to changes to ensure maximum profit opportunities for chain and independent pharmacies. We also offer weekly specials promotions on products that you purchase the most of. Feel free to call one of our amazing sales representatives today via our contact page to talk about these opportunities!

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