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Do you know how your patients view your pharmacy?


As a retail pharmacy owner, you need to know the answer to that question because your retail pharmacy creates general thoughts and feelings in every patient that walks by your display window. But the question here is why, why does your pharmacy evokes such thoughts or emotions? 


The reason for this is called your brand. Jeff Bezos, founder, and CEO of Amazon said, “your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.” 


Creating a pharmacy brand is not easy; it takes time because branding is all about shaping the perception of your business to your customers. It is about developing your tone and figuring out how your brand separates you from your competitors. 


Branding creates the idea of how your current patients and new patients perceive your retail pharmacy and believe it or not- it plays a huge role in their decision to stay loyal to your company. 


You may be asking; how does branding create loyalty to your company? Branding helps patients understand your business; your brand helps them figure out how your pharmacy fits their needs, and ultimately what to expect their experience will be when interacting with your business.  


Here are ten tips to increase your retail pharmacy’s brand. 



Creating an Identity for your pharmacy’s brand is anything visual that can represent your pharmacy that makes up your identity. Your identity can include your logo, products, uniform, social media posts, and more. Throughout all of these visuals, you want to make sure that your identity is consistent and ensures that it leaves a good impression on your patients. 


Creating A Logo

Creating a logo is important to know because a logo is an icon that identifies your brand. The choice of colors on your logo is imperative to consider because you want everything to be cohesive and memorable when your customers see it because your colors should be like a trigger to your patients to think of your brand immediately.


Clear Messages 

When creating messages about your brand to your customers – you want to make sure that your message is a clear, consistent, and precise message about what you specifically want to communicate to your customer. You also want to make your message reflect your brand’s core values.  Your messaging is more than just your social media posts and marketing campaigns. Your messages are everything that you put out that has words. For example, the signs in your pharmacy’s walls, the lettering on your prescription bags, and the posters on your display window, you want to make sure that it all reflects your overall brand.   


Support Team

 After making sure you have a clear message to send out to your target audience. There is a chance that your customer will have a question or an inquiry-based on your type of communication. That is extremely important to have an open communication channel for your customers to create a better relationship with your customers. 


Positioning Your Brand

The positioning of your pharmacy’s brand in the pharmaceutical industry is the foundation of your brand. What is it about your pharmacy that makes you different than your competitors? What do you offer that no one else does? When creating your position in the industry look towards your patients. The people who walk into your store every day and think to yourself, what do you deliver to your patients that make them want to come back. You want to make sure that your retail pharmacy is a one-stop-shop for products, and knowledge about the health care industry so you can help your patients. 


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