Top 10 Items To Carry In Your Retail Pharmacy To Increase Summer Sales!

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Summer is in full effect, and even though the “back-to-school” promotions are underway- there is still enough time to enjoy the summer heat! Make your retail pharmacy the one-stop-shop for summer healthcare to boost your overall sales by adding these items to your inventory list.

Here are the top 10 summer essentials that your retail pharmacy needs to increase your summer sales.

  1. Sunscreen

The beach has become a staple for many years when you think of summertime. However, your patients need to protect themselves from the harmful sun rays. Let your retail pharmacy be their healthcare hub by stocking up on sunscreen.

  1. Sunburn Treatments

In case your patients spend a little too much time in the summer sun, make sure you also have in the front end of your store some sunburn remedies like aloe vera, witch hazel, ice-cold packs, and bath treatments.

  1. Lip Balm

Make sure that you stock up on lip balm with UV protection in your retail pharmacy. There may be patients who do not know that their lips can get sunburn as well. Keep the lip balm section near your drop-off, pick-up, and checkout counter to encourage your patients to make a last-minute impulse buy.

  1. Refreshments

Getting a sunburn is often accompanied by dehydration, so offering some hydrating refreshments to your retail pharmacies like cold bottles of water, Pedialyte®, or another type of electrolyte solutions will boost your summer sales.

  1. Travel-sized toiletries

Your patients are probably going to be going on vacation during this summer. Include travel-sized toiletries in your retail pharmacy. You can double down on this summer sale with some motion sickness medication for patients who experience nausea during long car trips, plane rides, or amusement park rides.

  1. Bug Repellents

With mosquitos out in full force, your patients will need products that relieve the itchy irritation from those bug bites. You should order a variety of bug repellent items in your retail pharmacy like traditional bug sprays and wipes, citronella candles, yard foggers, and plant-based alternatives for those patients who want a more natural bug repellent. You can also stock up on hydrocortisone cream, antihistamines, and calamine lotion.

  1. Antibiotic Ointment

Summertime is the season- where the kids are out of school, and the playtime injuries are in full effect. Make sure that you have antibiotic ointment or creams to help treat those skinned knees and scrapes. You should also advise your patients to purchase extra tubes of antibiotic ointment to have one ready in their emergency kit at home. You could also double down on this sale by introducing your patients to your wound care section in your retail pharmacy, where they can purchase extra bandages.

  1. Poison Ivy Relief

Hiking, biking, camping, or any activity in the wilderness can put your patients at risk of getting rashes and skin irritation due to the exposure to different poisonous leaves like poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac. Make your retail pharmacy the place to be, where your patients can come and get the products, they need to relieve their itching.

  1. Allergy Relief

To add to the outdoor activity with the poison ivy relief products, you should also add some allergy relief medications. The reason being is because when you are out in the wilderness on a camping trip- your patients could be exposed to allergens that they are not used to experiencing. You could suggest your patients purchase some over-the-counter tablets as well to add to their emergency kit.

  1. Tick-Remover

The summer is “tick season,” and with your patients participating in outdoor activities- you should consider purchasing tick-remover products for humans and animals as well. Most people are not aware of the dangers that Tick-borne diseases can also affect your human patients, as well as their furry friends. Diseases that ticks can transmit include Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever & more to yourself and your pet.

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